Living Water Smart is a Power and Water Initiative which aims to reduce water consumption by 20% or 650 million litres. 

 That’s over 430 Katherine Town Pools.

Community Leak Program

Water use data tells us that around 1 in 5 Katherine properties have a leak. On average these leaks are wasting around
500 000 litres of water which amounts to about $1000 per year from your hip pocket. That's enough water to fill an average three bedroom home or around 2000 large wheelie bins! 

Finding and fixing leaks is a great opportunity to save money and for the community to work together to save water to help keep PFAS out of the tap water.  Living Water Smart is conducting a Community Leak Program to identify and fix leaks. 

In May 2018, Living Water Smart Leak Checkers will be conducting quick leak checks on household and business water meters. You will be notified whether or not your property may have a leak via a card left in the letterbox or at your business. If a potential leak is detected, the card will explain how to take advantage of the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate to help check, locate or fix a leak.

But don’t wait for us to come to you! You can conduct your own 3-Step Leak Check in only 5 minutes, its easy!

Media Releases

14/8/17 - Leak checks of 2000 Katherine water meters to help save water

9/10/17 - Leak Checkers return to Katherine to reduce water waste in ‘Leak Week’ blitz

30/8/17 - Living Water Smart’s community leak program in Katherine finds more leaks than expected

Living Water Smart will assist businesses and organisations with very high water use to reduce water consumption through the use of smart technology. This includes placing data loggers on water meters to record water use in real time, which helps to identify leaks and other water saving opportunities.

Living Water Smart will also invite organisations with very high water use to participate in a professional Water Efficiency Consultation, allowing the development of a Water Efficiency Action Plan with a key focus on finding and fixing leaks, and ensuring efficient irrigation scheduling.

All businesses with a 20mm water meter will receive a leak check through the Community Leak Program. Your business will be advised if you may have a leak, and if you do a $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate is available. 

Living Water Smart will be working closely with the Department of Defence at RAAF Base Tindal to implement water efficiency measures, including finding and fixing leaks, reducing irrigation and non-essential water use.

Business and Commercial

Compulsory Water Conservation Measures

It is important that we all work together to ensure Katherine’s precious water resources remain safe and reliable, both now and in the future. In addition to the new compulsory water conservation measures, Living Water Smart is working with the community to reduce water use through initiatives such as leak detection, fixing leaks, and garden and irrigation rebates.

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